Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Personal Achievement. Really this time.

1. My first purchase in Ireland was McDonald's.

2. I peanut buttered toast with peanut butter left in my apartment for over three weeks.

3. While spending my first day/night in Dublin, I got a fever and had to sleep instead of go out.

4. I ate McDonald's and thought about suing the fast food chain for the damage done to my toilet.

5. While depressed about the Bears loss, I used all my phone credit and drank all my beer.

6. I was the loud American at three places and among three different nationalities...all of whom speak English as a second language. I can only imagine what the conversation was about.

7. I didn't bring my ID with me for the first time in my life and was denied entry into Scragg's Alley...with a full beard.

8. I saw a black person! They were from France.

9. I found out that Weihenstaphaner: Hefe-Weissbier is the best beer of all time and found out that the Barracks is the best pub of all time. I also found out from the Onion's Sports Dome that soccer has officially announced it is gay.

10. I stayed up until 5am my first weekend in Ireland, drinking Guinness out of a measuring cup.

11. I rode a drunk bus from Belfast to Dublin and another from Dublin to Carlow.

12. I rode a drunk bus to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day.

13. I played drinking games on a double decker bus in Scotland.

14. I drank whiskey on a bus to an airport.

15. I slept in that airport and woke up in time for the check in...but I was at the wrong airport.

16. I was homeless in Scotland for two days and showered in the sink.

17. I turned the wrong way out of a party and walked an hour and a half in the wrong direction.

18. I drank 118 different beers in 44 days.

19. I followed the river path on my bike for 15 miles without doing any physical activity for 4 months...then passed out on the path when I thought about the journey back.

20. I celebrated the Superbowl by speaking with an authentic French accent.

21. I saw where the Titanic was built in Belfast...that is the only thing I saw the whole weekend.

22. I learned Jameson is a suitable substitute for Adderall.

23. On St. Patrick's Day..."You were trying to molest all the ladies and fight all the men." Yea, I got kicked out of three restaurants, one hotel, and slept naked in a bed and breakfast, leaving blood all over the pillow.

24. The President of Carlow Golf Club bought me a pint of Heineken.

25. I popped my bike inner tube three miles from town.

26. I found a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow in Limerick. Turns out the "the pot of gold" is just full of Guinness.

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